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The Ultimate Quest: 

This all-inclusive event is the Ultimate in fun! Your group will enjoy exclusive use of the entire Laser Quest location.  Usually a 3½ hour event, it can be shortened or lengthened as necessary. While great for any group, the ideal size is for 25 or more players. We do all the work and you have all the fun!  For more information call one of our 55 locations nearest you. 

Add some fun and excitement to your excursion. Visit our online store and check out some of our cool Laser Quest gear.

Quest for Success Teamworks Program:

If you are looking for fun and games, but with some valuable learning at the same time, our half day teambuilding program is the answer. Teamworks was developed by an adult training professional and utilizes the Laser Quest experience to demonstrate the four pillars of teamwork. Teamworks is a unique and immersive half day corporate teambuilding experience.

Utilizing the Laser Quest game experience, the program introduces and reinforces the four pillars of effective teamwork (communication, cooperation, fun and trust).The activities or ‘Quests’ in the program act as a catalyst for discussion and provide the framework for building a stronger team. The workbook, video, strategy and discussion sessions are used to explore the learning concepts.  Our program is ideal for groups of 16 to 36 (if your group is smaller, consider teaming up with another organization or if larger, we can split your group over the course of several days).

For more information contact us by calling a Laser Quest location nearest you.  

If you don’t have time for the Ultimate Quest or Quest for Success, or have too small a group, try a Triple Quest or Exclusive game.